Abd Elsattar Ezzat Abd Elsattar Mohamed

Birthday: 02- 02 -1974
Birth Country: Egypt
Nationality: Egyptian
Address:    Egypt – Cairo City _ Mtary 8 marsamatroh street
Religion: Muslim
Marital status: Married and count 3 children
Military situation: Exemption
Mobile Number: 02-01147451913 -01004145816 
E-Mail: abdelsattargafi@gmail.com


-    Licensee in General Geography Department from Faculty of Arts in Ain shams University in 1997, (Cairo -Egypt).
-    Diploma in Geographical Information System from Faculty of Arts from Ain Shams University,2003, (Egypt)
-    Master of Environmental Studies in titled " Environmental and Social Problems for Industrial in the Egyptian Free Zones", Department of Department of Environmental Humanities ,Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, Ain Shams University. 
-    Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Sciences entitled Impact Of Social Construction On Land Use And Development In Province Aswan Using GIS – Study Of Anthropology", Department of Environmental Humanities, Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, Ain Shams University.


-    Preparation of environmental impact assessment studies for projects.
-    Training of Trainers (T.O.T).
-    Think of a strategic methodology
-    Crisis Management
-    Preparing the investment map
-    Effective crisis management program
-     Preparing investment maps using GIS
-    Systems analysis and design


-    A workshop held by the Ministry of Agriculture to develop the roadmap for Egyptian agriculture in cooperation with FAO during the period. 
-    Coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the settlement of industrial zones.


-    Council of Ministers.
-    Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
-    Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
-    Faculty of commerce, Cairo University.
-    Administrative Control Authority.


-    Specialist of Geographic Information Systems in Land Administration, General Authority for Investment and Free Zones
-    GIS Specialist  of  the Investment Map of the Ministry of Investment
-    Responsible of the GIS file in the investment map at the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation.


-    Committees that participated
-    Higher Committee for Lands
-    Investors' applications committee
-    Committee for drafting contracts
-    Review Committee for the Control of Project Settlement in Industrial

-    Working Group for Localization of Golden Triangle Projects
-    Investment Map Preparation Working Group.


-    ICDL course from UNESCO.
-     AUTOCAD ( 14 , 2000 - 2014 ).
-    PHOTO SHOP (7.0).
-    SQL Statement .
-    HTML .
-     MS SharePoint.

ARC GIS 9.3 (2007): 

-    Introduction to Arc GIS Desktop 9.2.  I,II
-    Building geodatabases 9.2 I,II 
-    Advanced analyst with ARCGIS
-    Spatial analyst 
-    Advanced Spatial analyst
-    Work with 3d analyst
-    Survey analyst 
-    Global positioning system (Gps)
-    Remote sensing
-    Photogrammetry
-    Introduction to vb.net
-    introduction to arc object 
-    Introduction to arc IMS
-    Arc IMS 9.2.

-    ARC GIS 10.5 (2018): 
o    ARC GIS 1: Introduction to GIS 
o    ARC GIS 2: Essential workflows.
o    Editing Data with Arc GIS For Desktop.
o    Designing Maps With Arc GIS.
o    Cartography with Arc GIS.
o    Implementing Versioned in a Multiuser workflows GeoDatabase
o    Deploying and Maintaining a Multiuser GeoDatabase
o    ArcGIS Story Maps.
o    Arc GIS Online.


-    Expansion of the villages of the desert back - General Authority for Urban Planning(2005)
-    Spatial location of companies in the Egyptian free zones (Internal application of LUU). (2015-2009)
-    Construction and operation of the investment map website at the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation)2015- Until now)
-    Story map (Africa Event 2018 - Sharm El Sheikh) part of investment map project.


-    Discussing the role of environmental and crisis management in achieving sustainable development using geographic information systems (Journal of the League of Arab States) ( 2011)
-    Environmental Impact of Industry in Nasr City Free Zone (Journal of Human Sciences, Ain Shams University)  (2010)
-    The Egyptian Free Zones Book: An Applied Study in Economic Geography Using GIS.
-    The Impact of Social Building on Land Use Patterns and Sustainable Development in Aswan Governorate Using GIS Technology 2017 "(Anthropology Study)( 2017)


-    Free Zones: An Applied Study in Economic Geography(2014)