Ahmed Elaksher

Ahmed Elaksher, Ph.D., PE, PS: Dr. Elaksher joined NMSU in 2012, and is currently an Associate Professor at NMSU. In 1995 he received his B.S. from Cairo University and was awarded his Ph.D. from the School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University in 2002. He is a PE and PS in the State of New Mexico and an ASPRS Certified Photogrammetrist. He has more than 20 years’ experience in photogrammetry, GIS, geodesy, and surveying, both academically and professionally. He is member of ISPRS, ASPRS, NMPS, and ASCE. He is an editorial board member for Survey Review Journal and other journals. He is an active reviewer for several journals, an ABET evaluator, and a member of the NCEES Exam Committees. He has more than 50 publications in reputed journals and regional and international conferences and is recognized as a professional speaker for different professional events.



Assessing the Accuracy of UAV Surveying for Civil Engineering Projects


Civil engineering projects require collecting precise measurements using geospatial technologies through topographic and photographic mapping.  Recently, developments in airborne sensors and easy to fly, reliable, low-cost commercial UAVs have opened a new era for civil engineers and construction managers to collect such measurements. Photogrammetric mapping principles are employed in collecting, processing, and analyzing optical images collected using UAVs. In this presentation, data collected with different UAV systems flying at different heights are assessed. Geospatial products including DEMs and orthophotos produced with commercial software and with different ground control configurations are evaluated. Check-points were then used in the evaluation process. Ground surveying control was collected with a TS02 total station and served as the ground truth for data evaluation. The comparison of the derived 3D information from sensed data with ground measurements showed high correlation between the accuracy of the 3D products and the sensor specification, flying altitude, and image layout.