Amr Hanafi Ahmed Ali

Prof. Dr. Eng. Amr Hanafi Ahmed Ali "Amr Ali"


  • Professor of Surveying and Geodesy, Head of the Surveying Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, Benha University, Egypt.


For over 35 years, Prof. Amr Ali has a distinguished knowledge and extensive experience in many fields related to spatial data science, where he participated in teaching in many Egyptian universities "public and private" as well as the preparation and management of several competitive academic projects at the local and international levels "HEEPF, TUMPUS".

He also contributed to the scientific and applied capacity building in Geomatics trends within the Egyptian society and the Arabian Gulf region through the preparation and implementation of dozens of specialized training courses in the field of surveying and geographic information systems.


Dr. Amr Ali has published more than 35 papers in the fields of geodesy, navigation systems and geomatics in many international journals, in addition to participating in the arbitration of many researches in a range of local and international journals.

He also supervised several M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses in Egyptian universities and some European universities "Lund University - Sweden, University of Salzburg-Austria, Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences- Germany".

At the level of national projects in the field of spatial sciences, Amr Ali participate in the preparation and implementation of several national projects of the most important


In the field of community service, Prof. Amr Ali shared with several non-profit organizations (NGO's), in preparation of spatial-socio-economic studies for the project of developing the most poverty villages in Upper Egypt and some of the informal settlements surrounding Cairo.