Dr. Ayman Ahmed

• Has been working in the Egyptian space program for 18 years and holds:

  1. Bachelor of Communication Engineering - Alexandria University, 2000

  2. MSc in Satellite Engineering -Polytechnic University - Ukraine, 2006

  3. Master of Business Administration - ESLSCA, France, 2011

  4. PhD, Communications Engineering in Satellite Imaging Systems, Ain Shams University, 2013.

  5. Postdoctoral research in small satellite tests - Japan. 2016

• Experience in satellite imaging systems, and participated in 6 projects related to space and satellite technologies, most notably team lead to produce the first Egyptian satellite computer 2015 and head of the research team to develop the first Egyptian-made Nanosatellite satellite 2018.

• A patent in the field of improving the performance of electronic systems in the space environment 2016, in addition to 28 researches in international and local conferences and magazines in the field of space and satellites.

Membership in International Organizations:

  1. Member of the Space Generation Advisory Council for Egypt and the Middle East 2012-2015,

  2. Member of the African union space  Working Group on the Development of the African Space Policy and Strategy - African Union 2013-2017

  3. North Africa Coordinator for Earth observation Group 2014-2017,