Haitham Harras

Founder CEO of Penta-b




Eng. Haitham Harras is the Founder CEO of Penta-b, a GIS specialized company that focuses on GIS professional services provision and the owner of the first GIS products in middle-east.


Haitham was graduated from the faculty of computers & information sciences, Ain-Shams university , 2004 and started his career in ESRI until 2012; through his work in ESRI, Haitham has moved in different position starting from technical development, going through team leading, products management and projects management and moved for some time to work in the core team in ESRI US.


Haitham Founded Penta-b in 2013 with a vision to be the first GIS vendor in Middle east and has succeeded to develop a clear foot print in the market with clear competitive edges, Penta-b owns a ready-made state-of-the-art off the shelf product from the technical and commercial perspectives. Penta-b now is a recognizable GIS vendor with a state of the art products throughout the middle east and Africa .