Hesham Gamal Gaafar 

GIS & BIM Automation Engineer

Hesham is Multidisciplinary Engineer specialized in CAD systems software development. Hesham recently worked as Sr. Software Developer (Engineering Lead) at Parallel-Lines software house. He is The founder of the first BIM Software Development Diploma in the Middle East and worked as Teaching Assistant and Department Supervisor at iTi. He is a Co-founder of P-Community Engineering hub. Hesham worked as Support Analyst and trainer at ESRI Northeast Africa . He worked with many organizations in both sectors, private and governmental. Also has a number of publications in Arabian and African universities. 

GIS and BIM Integration 


BIM is penetrating  the AEC sector rapidly in the last few years and in a little time, it won't be an option for the construction corporates. Some might see it as a competitor for GIS but definitely the integration between them would shape a revolution for the workers in both domains. Let's take a quick journey to know more about BIM and the benefits of this integration on the levels of process management and data. Moreover defining the constraints that delayed this innovative methodology.